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3 Great Reasons Our Customers Prefer Major Over Any Other Install Option


Guaranteed clean installations that look and act just like factory OEMs.

Quality control is paramount at the Major shop.  Since approximately 20% of our install work is devoted to rewiring poorly installed equipment from other shops, we know the value of a clean, dependable install.  No vehicle leaves our shop without a thorough final inspection including checking against the original build sheet and purchase order and a test-run of all equipment.  All wiring is loomed to protect wires and to prevent chaffing.  Equipment is stategically placed for ease-of-use, unobstructed driving view, and undercover concealment if required.  Every car is cleaned and vacuumed before leaving the shop too.


Emergency equipment specialist who is solely dedicated to outfitting fleet vehicles.

Because Major is dedicated exclusively to outfitting and servicing emergency vehcles, you can expect the highest standards of quality in installations and emergency product knowledge.  We work closely with both the auto manufacturers and equipment vendors to ensure best practices in choosing the right part options for your vehicles and department needs, and in following manufacturer-recommended installation procedures.


Drop-ship convienence from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.

Your new fleet can be drop-shipped to Major, and arrive at your department fully equipped.  By special arrangement with leading auto manufacturers, Major offers a turnkey solution for emergency models such as Ford Police Interceptors, Chevrolet Impalas, and Dodge Chargers.  Receive the complete proposal including police vehicle, equipment, installation, and delivery - all on a single bid!  Include all new vehicle costs on one purchase order.  You make the decision, we do the rest, including shipping arrangements, parts acquisition and quality control.


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