Service Member of the year

PRIZE: $5000 Scholarship
PRIZE: $5000 Scholarship




  • The service member must be an active duty Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or EMS member for a department in the United States
  • Each month people may go on our website and nominate a Police Officer and a Fire Fighter/EMS as the Police Officer & Fire Fighter/EMS Person Of The Month. There will be one winner in each category. There will be links on the website to nominate and submit an essay as to why that person should win.
  • A three person committee will select the winner for each category. That person will be featured on our website the following month as well as be entered into a year-end contest for the Service Member Of The Year. During January, our readers can go online and vote for the Service Member Of The Year.
  • The Service Member of the Year Winner will receive a $5,000.00 scholarship for a family member or can have it donated in their name to a charity of their choice.


Do you know an active duty Police Officer or Fire Fighter/EMS Member that has gone above and beyond in the line of duty? Major Police Supply is holding a contest to honor these individuals. To nominate a service member, enter their name, department, contact information and why they should be nominated below. We will select one winner every month who will be in the running to win a grand prize of $5,000 towards their child’s education or to be donated to a charity of their choosing.

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Police Fire/EMS

Police Officer Monthly Winners

Matthew Tarentino's STORY

Matt was my cousin. He went above and beyond the standard of community policing, unfortunately we lost him on May 30th to a car accident on his way to graduation for the D.A.R.E. class he was teaching. He has two little boys and a little girl who was just born and leaves behind his wonderful wife Vicki and his mother and brother. Our family has taken it hard, but we haven’t heard anything except good things about how he always had pride in his work, he went above and beyond for the Summit community, he was the first D.A.R.E. officer in years and reconnected with the community where communication had been lost.

Mike Johnson's Story

Mike has been working tirelessly, helping people in the Keys that were hit hard by Hurricane Irma. Tarping roofs, cutting up trees, cleaning debris, getting donations for gift cards, etc. Doing anything and everything to help these people out. Definitely a hero!

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Armando Aviles' Story

Last year my daughter ran away from home and I was told that she was in extreme danger, because the guys she had been hanging out with used drugs and frequented pimps. I had just met Officer Aviles, through a mentoring program he has, so I went to him for help. Aviles had worked eight hours that day, and was with the kids for four hours after work, but without hesitation, told me to wait until he's done with the kids. He stood out with me until around two in the morning, he went to strategic locations, leaving the word that he will continue to look for that girl, and if whoever was with her, didn't want any problems, then they should advise her to go home. He told this to all his street contacts. We didn't find her, but by morning, she contacted Aviles. No one wanted her near them, they didn't want any problems, so they sent her home. Ever since then, he has been her mentor, who she loves and respects. She is now, looking forward to being an officer, but will first join the guard to serve our country. I'm very grateful to him. He also has nearly one hundred kids he mentors, of Explorer Post 183. He created a basketball tournament, where the kids play against officers to build a bridge between community and law enforcement. Most of these kids hated police officers, now they play with them and want to be like them. My daughter was brainwashed by so called friends and disliked them too. His track team runs marathons, they ran in honor of Harry Ramos, a well-known hero from Newark, NJ. His kids participate in all parades of different races and cultures. There's so much this man does, that I can't list it all. He has also helped with the collection of donations for Puerto Rico, in which they were able to fill four trailers. He also, gives backpacks and supplies, free Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts, three kings day gift...This man is a blessing, an angel in our community.


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Fire Fighter/EMS Monthly Winners

Robert O'Neal's STORY

On April 13th 2016, the Fairmount Fire Department was dispatched for a fire alarm activation at 12 Henry Beach Drive. Having a crew in-house, car 2 (Primerano) and Engine 7 quickly went enroute with Chief Clarke driving, Captain Guinn as officer and firefighter O'Neal and Lieutenant Barlow in the back. Arriving within 2 minutes of dispatch, units found the front door open with thick black smoke emanating from it. An elderly female was in the doorway of the residence, yelling that her husband was still trapped inside and could not get out on his own. The conditions were radioed back to channel 1, filling the box assignment, requesting an ambulance, and a hose line was stretched. The elderly female was removed from the doorway and brought to the yard, and a search for the male was immediately conducted. Inside the house, the crew encountered a near zero visibility atmosphere, with severe clutter and hoarding conditions present. A small path of travel was available, and upon locating the male, the crew realized that they would not be able to get past the victim with the hose line, so the line was brought back out, along with the elderly invalid victim. The victim was then brought to WAVES ambulance and transported for smoke inhalation and eventually released. The fire was brought under control shortly after the victim was removed, minimizing damage to the house. This incident and subsequent actions taken, serve as a model for all in the fire service to follow and has brought great credit upon yourself and the Fairmount Fire Department. There is no such thing as a "routine" call, always be prepared, and expect the unexpected. Congratulations on a job well done.

Allisen Polson's STORY

I work personally alongside Allie and have for the last two years. Last winter our system had an extraordinary amount of pediatric calls and two of them were pediatric cardiac arrests. That alone would take a toll on a lot of people. Allie worked a lot of the calls involving children and never once stumbled. She has ensured that every patient she comes in contact with is a priority despite who they may be. She also works a second job, is in school, and has time to organize fundraisers and benefits, including a very successful blood drive for her boyfriend’s family. She is an amazingly selfless woman who doesn't know how many of us admire her and her hard work and dedication to others around her.

Michael Allen's STORY

My Husband has been a firefighter for over 20 years. He has went above and beyond his duties in the fire service several times. He has dedicated his whole life not only to serving and protecting Humans, but he volunteers to serve and protect animals with the Nassau Co. SPCA. My husband has saved his brother firefighters from falling through the floor, saved a person in a trench, saved a person that overdosed, helped out in a plane crash, went through a window to save a man in a burning house. He has been awarded medals and citations, but that's not what makes him who he is. My husband was hit head on when he was on his motorcycle. He was in a coma. When he came out of his coma they told him that he would not be able to go back and be a firefighter. My husband was determined to show them that they were wrong and did that. He was doing ok for a little while until his 13 year old nephew passed away. The family started an organization called Matthew's Wish. Matthew's Wish was to fill a tractor trailer full of toys and deliver to Cohen's Hospital. This is a family task every year, but he takes his time and helps organize drop spots and pick-ups for the toys among working his full time job, part time job and volunteering with the Fire Dept, SPCA and being a mentor for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and spending time with his kids and me. After the accident and managing to assist with Matthew's Wish he was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said that it wasn't aggressive until after the surgery when they found it to be stage 3 kidney cancer. The doctors were able to get it out before it developed into a further issue. He beat the cancer and continues to mentor to the first responders to make sure that they follow up with their appointments, get treatments or be someone that they can vent to or lean on. He still volunteers for the FD, SPCA and Firefighter Cancer Support Network and works his full and part time job. He also makes sure that he spends time with his girls. My husband doesn't ask for much except one thing, when he passes he wants to be remembered as the Firemen's Fireman! He always says "If only my brain could forget what my eyes have seen!" Not sure what that really means, but I know he puts everyone else first before himself.


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