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When your success depends on a cohesive workforce, and instant interaction is critical, Spectrum Communications enpowers your people with rapid, reliable, communication systems. Spectrum Communications is an authorized communications dealer specializing in sales and service of two-way radio systems, including mobile radios, portable radios, pagers, base station radios, and dispatch equipment. Their custom systems provide total communication for corporate and commercial environments, as well as, emergency and public-safety work forces.


As an authorized dealer of Motorola, Kenwood, and Icom brands, Spectrum Communications represents innovative communications equipment from manufacturers at the cutting edge of today's technology. Their entire lines of business communications equipment and accessories are readily available. Talk to a knowledgeable sales representative today!


Whether you carry the responsibility of representing a multi-tiered organization, or are launching your own start-up, you'll appreciate their responsive, personal service. From systems selection through installation, your knowledgeable representative is there to walk you through a customized communications program.


Spectrum Communications provides installations and repairs at our in-house state of the art facility, and for your convenience, we also provide on-site service of base station and mobile radio equipment. Our highly experienced staff of technicians has fulfilled all manufacturer-recommended training, and is well prepared to keep your communications systems running at peak efficiency. In-house installation turn-around time is usually within one to two business days.

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