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Police Vehicle Lightbars


No police agency can operate efficiently without police lightbars atop their cruisers or emergency lights installed upon smaller modes of police transportation. Whether opting for LED, rotating, or strobing emergency lightsbeaconing radiant hues upon the landscape,each design is crucial in the field of policing.While most folks pay acute attention while operating their automobile, some are significantly distracted, requiring that quasi-tractor beam to grab and hold their attention, especially those in cars.

‘The Office’

Any police officer is privileged to have an office (patrol cruiser) in which to conduct business (duty). Besides the usual accoutrements—pens, notebooks, forms, paperclips, filing systems—police cruisers are chock-full of supplies and equipment to facilitate The Job. While the detectives’ office at headquarters flies a flag, the patrol officer’s cruiser dons a police lightbar, an icon ideally suited to road-worthy business pursuits. The To Protect and Serve credo is never taken lightly, and police emergency lights bolster the law enforcement mission.

‘The Job’

Throughout the years, especially as of late, law enforcement officers performing duties on the highways and byways of America have been increasingly placed in precarious situations involving motor vehicles— their own and those of the public. While the population swells from migration influx, which tolls the almost-320 million American citizens, police officials are heavily challenged to ensure safety principles. Police instrumentation becomes even more vital; factoring-in emergency lightbars to stave-off the potential for tragedy on the roadways is paramount.

The numbers of law enforcement officers injured or killed on the streets of America is unrelentingly jolting. With that in-mind, electronics engineers continually blueprint the brightest, most aerodynamic eye-catching lightbars imaginable, rendering those performing “The Job” more secure while simultaneously reinforcing going home safely when each tour-of-duty concludes.

The marvels created by police lighting systems engineers are just that, marvelous, making The Job less dangerous. LED-equippedlightbars are one marvel among many.

Law Enforcement LEDs

Light Emitting Diodes have found a home in police emergency lighting systems, justly so. LEDs exhibit high-intensity brilliant light output in compact units easily perched atop police cruisers. This is one of those marvels of engineering we mentioned previously, for various reasons:

  • LEDs are energy-efficient and thus reduce power consumption (preserving cruiser power-supply).
  • They have an enormously brilliant output of light (a definite necessity in police vehicle operations).
  • They are hazard-free, containing no pollutants (another way of Serving and Protecting the public).
  • They have tremendous life-expectancy, reducing replacement costs (budget-conscious). Lighting experts’ studies claim LED light systems last anywhere between two-to-three decades.
  • They are cool to the touch (user-friendly; safety-conscious).
  • They efficiently withstand and endure inclement weather (a vital necessity, since police lightbars remain predominantly outdoors.
Retro to Contemporary

My, oh my, police lightbarssure have come a long way. Actually, they weren’t even light-barsback in the day. They were Barney Fife-style domes, very small, and mimicked bubble-gum machines. Operation was via a toggle switch. Some older police lights were nothing more than a steady red or blue light, no flash, and no rotating bulb. When compared to today’s emergency lighting systems, vintage police lights were rather ineffective.But, people recognized their meaning and respected right-of-way of police vehicles. Nowadays, burgeoning population and drivers distracted by myriad activities invites liability. Hence, drafted laws are two-fold: to govern police responses among public roadways and to preempt catastrophe.

Legal Requirements

With statutes in-mind, every police lighting system meets legal specifications to adhere to laws governing emergency lights: the light intensity; the need to be seen panoramically; brilliant enough to sustain illumination during daylight. Naturally, these laws are legislated to ensure officer safety as well as public safety. That infamous L-word often thrust at police (li∙a∙bil∙i∙ty) is largely abated by police emergency lightbars. The equation is vividly clear: if the public is warned of oncoming emergency vehicles, safety can be heeded. Not foolproof, by any stretch, but there are rules and a game-plan, ground is covered, and positive results are the objective.

Visibility is Essential

There is a variety of law enforcement lighting systems, in different shapes and sizes, all intense enough to achieve maximum visibility. So, whether it is alow-profile police detectives’ miniaturized interior police lights, the marine unit’s miniature police lightbar perched atop the “wheelhouse” or “Captain’s chair,” the bicycle unit’s small square red/blue flashing lights, SWAT truck emergency LEDs, or even emergency lights for police Segways and scooters, there are lights, lights and more lights to get The Job done. Safely “running hot” is always imperative in policing culture.Essentially, in-tandem with Move Over laws, police lighting systems make your entire police fleet shine and help clearthe pathways.

For law enforcement entities all across America, Major Police Supply (MPS) markets and expertly installs emergency lightbars on police cruisers and other modes of police transportation. Our main focus is on officer and public safety. With statute compliance in-mind, safety-based emergency-lighting equipment is our common language. Let’s talk.

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