The Value of a Police Mobile Command Unit

Sometimes in law enforcement, stuff hits the fan and bits and pieces of a police infrastructure require tighter controls and definite assemblage. When large-scale police operations need to roll smoothly and empirically, roll-in your police mobile command unit and stopgap weak communications while having centralized readily-accessible assets, guidance and police equipment.

They are a wonderful addition to any police agency’s contingent of highly-valued resources, especially when the need arises. Given that police work is something that can hardly be anticipated and is often at the whim of illicit-minded perpetrators, preparedness is a key ingredient and a logistical savior. A case-in-point example is the outbreak of a hostage standoff.

Effectively handling a hostage situation—inherently implying one or more human lives are precariously dangling by a thread—is a paramount concern which often entails highly-trained police experts with varying backgrounds…working together, elbow-to-elbow. A communications officer or two, a hostage negotiator or two and a supervisor, a street squad supervisor or two, a contingent of field personnel, a jurisdictional commander, any manner of state or federal law enforcement supports/resources, and the often-needed trump card found among loved ones (of both suspect and hostages), and the elements of a robust operational plan are assembled.

That’s a lot of folks. Where do you house them all without sacrificing the game-plan? Mobile Command Units!

All the comforts and utilities often at police headquarters, only on wheels, can be employed and deployed from a police command unit.I am reminded of a movie whose scenes depicted utter chaos among cops and municipal agencies in New York City. The Taking of Pelham 123was a major-motion picture in which several heavily-armed men take over a NYC subway train and hold-hostage all riders on-board. Naturally, the hostage-takers’ objective was extorting millions in ransom money from the city. Nevertheless, several scenes in the epic picture demonstrated how dealing with such a criminal situation can become zany, disconnected, and chaoticwithout a centralized, unified base of operations. Literally, police cars went racing around the city, different figureheads were all on different pages in the play-book. Resources (the human kind) stepped all over each other, largely speculating what the other was doing…then using telephones to belittle each other’s maneuvers and decisions. Yikes, pandemonium!

How imperative it is for all parties involved in trying to quell, abate and control a perilous situation to be all under one roof, meeting the ultimate objective in-unison. We witnessed a giant evolutionary leap when we saw mobile command vehicles roll into the policing picture!

Speaking of operating as a collective under one roof, what is involved?

Obviously, a mobile command unit is an essential ingredient. Varying sizes employed by police departments can do various things. It is what is on and within the mobile command station that is most crucial. Overhead emergency lightbars, side-panel flashing lights, and rear-facing warning lights are all part-and-parcel. Sirens are also a feature, as required by statute for all emergency vehicles. Endemically, like police cruisers, the agency’s unique graphic markings and color schemes are applied for recognition and purpose; the public likes to know what these cool-looking vehicles are for, and markings solve that curiosity. As part of our from-the-ground-up constructs, Major Police Supply supplies graphics and applicators to adorn every mobile command unit. Like gift-wrapping on a present, our graphics specialists meticulously dress the exterior of police vehicles, while our other experts install the interior components and fill-out the floor-plan.

Electronics outfitting is critical and a paramount ingredient in any mobile command vehicle. The cross-section of police specialty units must be linked together for both general and reserved frequency use. The inter-agency and intra-agency communications is a staple feature which must flow without interruption or fail, so professional radio installers who are keenly aware of the goal, and highly trained to implement the entire network aboard the mobile command vessel, are imperative. MPS employs a uniquely skilled contingent of electronics installation personnel to get the job done to perfection,promptly.

With changes typically encounteredby law enforcement agencies, modulation and modification may entail re-arranging the furniture such as redistributing bulkheads (weapons and munitions storage, etc.) for spacing considerations and allocations. That, too, is handled by our MPS staff. Much like we do for police K-9 and prisoner transport vehicles, we custom-install and change-out floor-plan designs to suit agency needs and desires.

Like everyone standing under the same umbrella during an ominous downpour, at least close-quarter communication can facilitate needs amicably with clear comprehension…such is the case with police mobile command unit operations. Teamwork is always a factor in law enforcement: same game, same coaches, same play, same objectives coordinated from the same bench works wonders.

Similar to military FOBs (Forward Operating Base), police mobile command units serve to manage crises on-the-spot. Take command of your mobile assets while we at Major Police Supply mobilize ours to exceed your specifications.

Recent Projects

Creature Comforts of a Mobile Command Post

Major Police Supply has been customizing police mobile command units for years, and we have the depth of experience and expertise to situate your command post according to operational objectives. When major incidents evolve, and the need to get there and remain on-scene is imperative, a mobile command post with all the comforts of home will see you and the job through to a successful end. Then, it’s on to the next mission, with all required assets at your fingertips.

Space Allocations in a Mobile Command Post

When on the job, you want everything you could possibly need within reach. Can’t install wheels under police headquarters, but you can implement a police headquarters on wheels! Mobile command units are the answer to effective operations on scene of any major incident where command and asset deployment become unified, at-the-ready, and time-efficient. To get everything done accordingly from not-so-vast quarters, space allocations are paramount. The professional, crafty and meticulous minds at Major Police Supply consider every square inch and compose a virtual headquarters on wheels.

Mobile Command Posts: The Vital Middleman

When an emergency situation occurs, a police command post serves as a vital middleman between figureheads at police headquarters and the warriors on the front lines...and everything in between. Communications and asset management are vital ingredients without which operations are weakened. Mobile command units are the link in the middle tying every official and every resource together, ensuring mission objectives are accomplished and everyone goes home safely. In this scenario, don’t cut out the middleman! You’ll be glad to have one to manage major police incidents.

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