Police Valor®

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  • Low-profile, non-linear ”V-shape” provides 40% more light output at critical intersection angles than a typical low-profile, linear lightbar
  • Combines effective warning with the tactical benefits of flood lighting capability, and can be activated as Left-Flood, Right-Flood or Full-Flood
  • Integrated Vortex generators for increased fuel efficiency and reduced wind noise
  • Optional LED HotFoot® mounting for LED alley and takedown lights
  • Integrated SignalMaster™ directional capability
  • LEDs offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White
  • Optional Quick-disconnect for easy service removal from vehicle
  • Lightheads offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red or White
  • Available in 44- and 51-inch lengths
  • Only 2-inches tall (not including mounts)
  • Five-year LED warranty



How noble of Federal Signal to name their police emergency lightbar technology “Valor”® which, as defined by Merriam-Webster, denotes “strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness: personal bravery.” Valor certainly honors the selflessness of every law enforcement officer in our nation and epitomizes excellence in police lights. Naming an emergency lighting system after such police-exhibited virtues is quite appropriate. Also noteworthy and mindful are the Valor’s engineering, aerodynamics and stealth features.


Engineering Excellence

Impressive engineering specifications abound in the Valor lightbar. No police officer will argue with the intense output regarding the proverbial “wall of light,” the white-light brilliance which conceals them from on-looking suspects, thus allowing cops the phantom-like, tactical advantage so imperative in fighting crime. Valor’s SignalMaster™ control box and its one-touch button effectuates Take-downs, a strip of radiant white lighting, complimented by various other points of white light output.


Equally impressive is the Valor’s “Plug-n-Play” design which simplifies electronic installation and maintenance. The traditional bulky cables and labyrinth of wires are now minimized into a consolidated, manageable cord tipped with a plug. With Valor, you are not bungled, because wiring is conveniently bundled. Need to get that lightbar into the shop? Plugging and unplugging is a snap, just one.


Spectralux™ technology intensifies colored LEDs common in emergency vehicles; red, blue, amber, green and conventional white illumination disperses brilliantly with Spectralux, an extraordinary feature, especially when attracting and retaining the public’s attention is the ultimate objective.


Solaris®LED reflector material optimizes light distribution,emphasizing police presence and scene safety.Solaris also perpetuates off-axis warning and casts light in 360-degree fashion. Panoramic emergency lighting ensures all nooks and crannies are awash and the attention of motorists and pedestrians is captivated.


All of this is easily and clearly controlled by one-touch buttons, simplifying operability for those on The Job, with myriad details to focus on, dutifully trying to accomplish much. Need to divert traffic around a scene without diverting you from other scene-specific duties? The Valor is equipped with a SignalMaster to interchange lighting objectives, such as the multi-patterned amber-hued traffic adviser to provide directional attributes without having a physical body directing cars.


Aerodynamics Attributes

Like a naval destroyer’s impressive sharp-nosed design creating wake, throwing the ocean’s water left and right, the Valor lightbar’s V-shaped configuration divides air-flow and disperses it in several ways: left, right, and through various Vortex Generators which vitally channel air to reduce drag and noise factors.

When it came to heeding the need to speed, Valor engineers drove the blueprint to the next level and produced a sleek police emergency lighting system. You are not Buzz Lightyear, and you are certainly not flying…but you are going in style, thanks to a Valor lightbar overhead.


Anyone in law enforcement knows how budgets are always bandied about in roll-call discussions or in car-to-car chats, consistently of paramount concern. Federal Signal considered this, too. Like cops are to victims, the Valor is a saving-grace feature;Valor’s aerodynamic appointmentsreduce fuel consumption and conserve energy, equating to the cruiser’s longevity.


Aesthetically, the Valor is a model whose design is as an engineering marvel and police efficiency champion. Surely, police executives are more than content with the existence of the Valor and its conservation-oriented engineering.


Stealthy Appearance, Tactical Approach

On Day One and every day thereafter at the police academy, the same words rang-out: “Tactical, tactical, tactical!” And “Approach is everything! Never, ever give up your position!” Yes, indeed, the things in which cops strive to stay alive.


The Valor’s low-profile V-shaped emergency lighting design is a mere two inches in height. Compact and anchored close to the cruiser’s rooftop, air-flow passes through gill-like passageways (Vortex Generators) so that velocity-induced noise is abated, providing the upper-hand in low-key, noiseless tactical approach.

Given the Valor’s low-resting design, it is the next best thing to a slick-top version of a police cruiser. Go from zero-to-emergency in no time at all; there is nothing holding you back, certainly not the low-profile Valor police lights.


Just as there is valor in police excellence…there is excellence in Valorpolice emergency lightbars.







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