Police Navigator®

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  • Multiple lengths available to fit a variety of fleet applications
  • Patented SLR rotator optimizes LEDs for a true 360-degree light output
  • Patented Solaris technology incorporated in SLR and QuadraFlare modules
  • Preconfigured models that meet NFPA 1901 and J845 Class 1, CAC Title 13 and GSA-KKK-A-1822F
  • Two-color capability with LEDs colors in Red, Blue, Amber, White and Green
  • Flood light feature illuminates the front of the vehicle, and virtually eliminates the need for additional spot lights



Navigator®, a linear, high-profile LED lightbar, that offers first responders an unique choice of using LED reflectors and LED rotators in one platform. Designed to fit the needs of multiple agencies, the Navigator’s options and overall flexibility can be used on fire apparatus, command/fleet vehicles, police, or work trucks/DOT.


Solaris® LED Reflector Technology
Federal Signal’s exclusive Solaris® LED Rotating Reflectors (SLR) and QuadraFlare® reflectors are engineered to significantly increase off-axis warning and maximize the LED light source to eliminate dark spots for true 360-degree light coverage.


These reflectors have the ability to flash two LED colors while in operation. LED color options are available in Red, Blue, Amber, White and Green. Upon White mode activation, the Navigator provides an impressive flood capability to light up an emergency scene. Navigator offers a front and rear lightbar cut-off feature for enhanced functionality and safety.


Model Variations
Navigator is available in 10", 18", 25", 45", 53", 60", 73", and 87" lengths for a consistent look across an entire fleet of vehicles. The 45", 53", and 60" are also available in a discreet or serial variations.


In addition to standard model configurations, Navigator is also available in custom configurations. This allows the user the ability to mix SLR and QuadraFlare LED modules. The Navigator is available with Amber, Blue, Clear and Red domes with either Clear or Black bulkheads. There are 30 flash patterns including the flood option. The SignalMaster™ option is available for the 45", 53", and 60" models.






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