Police Legend

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  • Low-profile, linear-shaped LED lightbar
  • LEDs offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White
  • Top covers offered in Amber, Blue, Clear and Red
  • Integrated SignalMaster™ directional capability
  • Legend can be serviced without removal from vehicle roof
  • Available in 24-, 45-, 53-, 61-, and 70-inch lengths
  • Five-year LED warranty



Introducing a brilliant new way to improve safety - the Legend from Federal Signal. Featuring a popular, low-profile design for a stealthy appearance. The Legend provides 360-degree coverage and superior off-axis warning.


ROC Solid Construction
Patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology eliminates 85% of potential failure points in the lightbar — reducing repair costs and increasing the hours your vehicle stays on the road.


FS Convergence Network
Easy to install and service, the FS Convergence Network provides “plug-n-play” installation of Federal Signal serial lightbars to 3- and 6-button controllers. Systems can be expanded and customized by incorporating the Relay Module which allows users the capability of controlling four different devices with one unit (up to 40 amps). This is ideal for users that would like to incorporate auxiliary lighting such as, but not limited to corner LEDs and wing lights.


Solaris - The Best and Brightest in Lighting Technology
Our patented Federal Signal Solaris design features the latest in LED reflector technology for a bright and intense off-axis light output.


6-Button Wireless Controller Option
The Legend lightbars can now be configured with the 6-button wireless controller option. This latest technology offers secure communication between the lightbar and the controller. The only wiring required for installation is simple power and ground to the controller and lightbar which saves valuable time and money on installation.






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