Vigilant Solutions Facial Recognition System

Face Recognition Technology: Image-matchingDevices Help Police Identify Suspects

Thanks to compact hand-held face recognition technology, law enforcement officials now have the real-time capacity to match facial images when suspicious persons are standing right under their noses. Face scanner software calledFaceSearch,a hand-held facial recognition systemengineered by Vigilant Solutions, is aiding police with image-matching capabilities. And quite the solution it is for vigilant enforcement of the law! Photo-capturing is transcended by identification and apprehension after comparing a digitally depicted face to real-time suspects encountered by police.

Forensic Science of FaceSearch

The nature of policingcontinues to evolve. By incorporating technology that is mindboggling in terms of capability, speed, and accuracy, forensic science has catapulted law enforcement efforts well into future realms. Face recognition systems essentially involve 350 algorithms calculating key component points of the human face—contours, textures, scarring—to compare to those in a photo repository,ultimately producing a potential suspect "Hit."

Database Searches

Over 400 million database photos culled from driver's license databases, sex offender statuses, CrimeStoppers bulletins, booking mug-shots, AMBER Alerts, State Department passports and visas, and various police records are scanned instantaneously. From the searchable pool, viable matchesare produced for cops to consider. If a suspect was ever photographed for official purposes, it's in there, including pertinent identifiers such as name, birth date, etc.

Even major retailers are using face recognition security systems. Scanning faces of people entering their stores, loss prevention personnel are subsequently alerted if the system signals a match of a known shoplifter. The heads-up enables store security personnel to maneuver physically, along withthe store's live-feed cameras hawking every move of suspected retail thieves…while police are summoned.

FaceSearch Replaces Old-school Methods

Before face scanning technology such asVigilant SolutionsFaceSearch software program, police officers working the beat relied on BOLOs distributed at roll-call. Like "Top-10 Wanted" posters commonly seen in U.S. Post offices, every cop in America had a bundle of pictures with short descriptors of suspects wanted for this or that.Vehicle visors bulged and duty bags burst at the seams.

They were handy to have in the police cruiser, but not as convenient when investigating away from your cop car (often the case). Then along came in-car laptops which produced imagery on the screen. From a safe distance, police officers ascertained if database images matched the quarry.

Technology continued to evolve, ensuring more efficient and convenient methods for cops to perform their duties. Modern-day technology helps get the job done, supplanting old-school gadgets.

Now, via a cell-phone or an iPad, cops have mobile face recognition capacity at their fingertips. Vigilant Solutionskeenly identified the need for cops to have lightweight, handy and easily accessibleelectronic images,and devised FaceSearch to suit that crucial officer-safety factor. With actual suspects present at a scene, police officers bring the technology to the forefront and nab suspected criminals by means of a facial recognition scanner.Voilá! It's a match. With FaceSearch on the beat, another fugitive goes to jail.

Portability is Key

As we just touched-upon, the ease-of-use of hand-held facial recognition scanners is paramount for police officials. With today's climate of anti-police rhetoric, officer safety isparamount. Many cops have been ambushed lately, some of whom were in their patrol car when assassinated. Although assailants will attack cops in or out of a car, not being confined is favorable. Thus the virtue of handling investigations while reserving the option to take cover is ideal. The portability of FaceSearch facilitates safety.

Building Security

Other than the portability model officers use on the street, FaceSearch is also beneficial for building security. Face recognition CCTV systems emplaced at entrances and exits scan the faces of those egressing the building. Matches are immediately known, activatingpolice personnel at government buildings such as courthouses, jails, law enforcement facilities, airports, maritime ports, and any other venue where security is of utmost concern. Private security officers at dwellings also use a face recognition program and notify police in the event a match arises and a person has to be dealt with.

Post-9/11 security measures demand use of a face recognition security camera. The free-roaming nature of our democratic nation and its principles beckonsface recognition security in dwellings. Draw back to the Boston Marathon Bombing and the two perpetrators of that calamitous event. A Lord & Taylor store's external camera system was on-duty at that time and recorded images which would ultimately support a police dragnet and bolster the investigation.

Face-Recognition Success Stories

Face recognition security systems are increasingly en vogue among law enforcement agencies. In May 2016, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) broadened its scope of using face recognition technology due to extraordinary success, bringing the number of units to 500.

One of SCSO's best face recognitionsuccess stories evolved during its first day of employing FaceSearch software; SCSO deputies had a major "Hit!" The pinnacle of any arrest for a cop is nabbing a homicide suspect. And that was the case when a wanted murderer thought he could falsify his way out of apprehension. But, deputies armed with face recognition technology were able to match the suspect to an image found in the database and…cha-click-cha-click went the handcuffs, on Day One of using FaceSearch!

A picture paints a thousand words…and in the aforementioned real-life scenario, one of those words was "Gotcha!" Thanks to Vigilant Solutions FaceSearch product, a cold case-related killer was finally brought to justice.

FaceSearch Quells Rhetoric

An FBI report released to the media stipulated that facial recognition devices do not factor in a subject’s skin color, only certain features and multiple points on a person’s face; human facial design is the objective correlate, pigment has no pertinence. If a wanted suspect or person of interest is among the expansive array of FaceSearch photo imagery, "implicit bias" and "racial profiling" accusations are ruled-out by forensics and unbiased engineering.

Ultimately, justice is expediently served when cops incorporateFaceSearch face recognition technology among their arsenal of tools, conveniently tucked away in their pockets.

FaceSearchTM is an easy-to-use facial recognition solution that works.

Available via the web, on mobile devices, and as a PC-based application, FaceSearch was developed by Vigilant to deliver a functional, scalable and affordable solution like no other. Hosted in the cloud, FaceSearch offers easy importing and integration capabilities, along with pre-populated face image data from Vigilant.

Over 350 facial vectoring algorithms

are at the heart of Vigilant Solutions' FaceSearch. Rather than making use of commercially available facial recognition engines, Vigilant leveraged its experience in image recognition to develop these new facial vectoring algorithms in-house. Why? - to benefit you in terms of accuracy, speed, and flexibility in deployment.

Available on multiple platforms,

FaceSearch offers flexibility for a wide range of applications. A web interface provides access from any web browser, a PC-based enrollment system is perfect for prisoner intake and/or security checkpoints, and the Mobile Companion smartphone app provides ultimate portability. Additionally, an integration with Vigilant's LineUp provides near-real-time monitoring of IP video cameras against one or more watchlists.etail thieves...while police are summoned.

A Simple Interface

with lots of image data is a recipe for success. FaceSearch's intuitive interface is enabled by millions of pre-populated face images from Vigilant via registered sex offender, CrimeStopper and other websites. The ease of uploading local data and/or integrating to another system makes FaceSearch a useful tool for any agency.


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