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Becoming a part of Major Police Supply’s organization means being a part of an industry leader in technology and solutions. Our workplace environment allows our staff to grow personally and professionally while learning skills that prove invaluable in today’s market. Our crews are hands on and expertly trained to install and service products that are the cutting edge of technology. Large projects are handled in a team focused environment. While our ulimate goal is to drive service success that improves customer satisfaction we have a commitment to growing the knowledge base of our crew as they excel and succeed with us. Customer Service personnel enjoy assisting our regular clients as needed and supporting the management team. Strong time management and prioritization abilities are rewarded. We are proud of the “first responders” on our team as professional representatives of our brand. Our Sales Managers truly enjoy the professional and friendly relationships that they are able to build with their regular customers, touching base with them often and assisting them in finding the best solutions within their budget. Representing an organization known for delivering high quality products and dependable service makes is easy and enjoyable to reach out to potential clients to close the deal. We at Major Police Supply know that benefits packages are as important to employees as the starting salary. We think it’s wise to support our staff in case of emergency, to help them when their home life requires and to ensure their long term goals are met. To that end we proudly offer packages that include health, disability, paid time off, sick pay, holidays and more. The health and happiness of our staff is imperative in any growing organization at any level.

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