Stealthy Appearance, Tactical Approach

Posted on October 26, 2016 By Major Police Supply admin

On Day One and every day thereafter at the police academy, the same words rang-out: “Tactical, tactical, tactical!” And “Approach is everything! Never, ever give up your position!” Yes, indeed, the things in which cops strive to stay alive.

The Valor’s low-profile V-shaped emergency lighting design is a mere two inches in height. Compact and anchored close to the cruiser’s rooftop, air-flow passes through gill-like passageways (Vortex Generators) so that velocity-induced noise is abated, providing the upper-hand in low-key, noiseless tactical approach.

Given the Valor’s low-resting design, it is the next best thing to a slick-top version of a police cruiser. Go from zero-to-emergency in no time at all; there is nothing holding you back, certainly not the low-profile Valor police lights.

Just as there is valor in police excellence…there is excellence in Valorpolice emergency lightbars.

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