Navigating the Perfect Storm: Police Lightbar Performance

Posted on January 10, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


No police officer desires danger, yet it keeps coming in waves. It is the inherent nature of The Job. By deeply-rooted and oath-filled promise, cops navigate the perfect storm time after time, and police equipment to ensure safety and stellar performance is crucial. The folks at Federal Signal Corporation sympathize with your needs to fulfill challenging operational tasks! That is why it brings you the Police Navigator® lightbar.

Whether downtown or the outskirts of town, folks converging in one area creates a dilemma when police response is necessitated. Some people fail to play nice with others. Drivers operate cars like it’s a smash-up derby, especially when alcohol is on-board. Things just get out of hand quickly…and police are needed swiftly.

Activities bustle left and right, forward and back, and police professionals navigate through the throngs of pedestrians and motorists out-and-about. How best to mete-out this seemingly perfect storm? The Federal Signal Police Navigator® lightbar is the absolute answer!

Lighting the Way

Not unlike a lost ship navigating its way through treacherous waters looking for that lighthouse beacon for safety, citizens-in-need seek the famous red and blue flashing lights symbolic of police responders and the cavalry in times of dire, life-altering circumstances.

No cop can do without them, those brilliantly-hued bleachers of lights atop police cruisers. Piloting the way, police rely on emergency lighting systems, especially those with the capabilities accorded in Federal Signal’s Navigator lightbar. Its array of features include high-output LED lighting enhanced by built-in rotating and reflecting components complementing each other while splashing colored illumination where you need it most: everywhere.

Clearing Intersections

Anyone witnessing a swiftly-approaching police car near any intersection will recognize the chronically swiveling head of the cop driving the police cruiser. Vehicles converging from various directions, and drivers caught-up in whatever is on their brains, are the ingredients for the perfect storm.

After a relatively complete stop, with the Police Navigator’s lights aglow, acting like tractor-beams to garner EVERYONE’S attention, the intersection is deem clear. Emergency response can proceed, thanks to the efficiency of an emergency lightbar created by Federal Signal Corporation getting the warranted attention of civilians ebbing and flowing with liberty.

Threading the Way

On any highways and byways in America, during emergency responses…police are skilled and crafty in threading police cruisers through traffic and weaving through tight squeezes. Although professional vehicle operation traits are evident, some of the credit must go to the overhead Navigator lightbar. At its core, police lightbars are attention-getting devices. With its 360-degree span of shining beacons of red and blue and white and amber LEDs rotating, strobing, and reflecting, the Federal Signal Navigator not only threads the needle but also sews up safety for all parties on the asphalt.

It must be quite cool to realize a bunch of brilliant minds possessed the objective of architecting a brilliantly-hued police lightbar so that cops’ jobs go far more smoothly among an increasingly populated society. Ta-da! Federal Signal Corporation engineers keenly crafted the Navigator lightbar with all the necessary features symbolic of emergency response technology. And Major Police Supply happily markets, installs, and maintains the Navigator.

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