Navigating Environmental and Logistical Factors in Law Enforcement

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Even those who live under rocks know how perilous it is for cops to navigate jurisdictions while taking into account many logistical factors. It is pure common sense. That is when the Federal Signal Corporation Navigator® lightbar comes into play.

Everyone knows police cruisers have emergency lightbars atop which facilitates getting from Point A to Point B while encompassing several logistical factors such as time of day, the jurisdiction’s civil design, and the velocity of the responding emergency vehicle. Simply, we just cannot trust environmental and logistical elements to take care of themselves when our police officers are expediting full-bore to life-saving events and emergent operations.

A wise move is to incorporate a Federal Signal Navigator lightbar to be your bright and shining beacon.

Environmental Factors

Most counties, cities, towns and villages have lay-of-the-land designs from yesteryear engineering specs. Albeit quaint, charming, rural or metropolis, police personnel must heed these often unique architectural designs so that splashes of police emergency lighting reaches every spot and, imperatively, captivates the attention of members of the public—both motoring and pedestrian. The Navigator lightbar casts a 360-degree span of intense colored LED lighting, emphasized by reflector technology.

Commercial buildings may have antiquated passageways between two dwellings which, driving from the alleyway, could significantly obstruct the cast of police lights. We can hope police sirens are at least doing their intended job, but motorists listening to music in a windows-up car compartment may defeat the baying, wailing and whoop-whooping of police sirens. Federal Signal created the Navigator lightbar’s high-profile to thwart such impediments.

federal signal navigator lightbar

Thickets of beautiful trees/shrubbery can pose problems. Views may be distorted, making the visibility of police lights not as, well…visible. Again, we hope sirens compensate and draw attention, but that may not be enough. Day shift cops encounter disadvantage posed by sunlight whereas midnight shift cops have darkness to help splash red and blue lighting all over the landscape. Again, the Federal Signal Navigator Lightbar’s reflector technology is designed to abate any issues.

In any event and on either side of the clock, you want confidence in knowing your police Federal Signal Navigator lightbar shines brilliantly in 360-degree fashion. Keen to this factor, Federal Signal engineers blueprinted the Navigator lightbar so as to copiously spill light everywhere, despite the time of day. The Police Navigator’s flashing, strobing, rotating and reflecting illumination draws the eyes and locks-in attention. That is the surest way to public safety.

Logistical Factors

Proverbially, first responders are legally obligated to come to a complete stop at intersections. With that in mind, attracting the attention of all motorists and any pedestrians at or in the crosswalks can be nerve-wracking. Folks are just…too…distracted nowadays. Hence, it becomes critical to announce police presence by way of instrumentation. How so? Coupled with the siren, the intensity of lighting provided by the Navigator lightbar addresses the purpose. Clearing intersections can be a tricky situation, but Federal Signal’s Navigator is constructed to make it close to magical.

Employ a Federal Signal Police Navigator lightbar! That makes all-around sense for safe police vehicle operations and careful observance of the public who may not be as keen to emergency protocols as cops are. Let your equipment work for you, on behalf of the constituents you serve and protect. Major Police Supply has your back, and a full array of Federal Signal products to light and navigate your way.

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