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Surprise, surprise…police officers race to scenes of unspeakable tragedy and rely on top-notch equipment to propel there as swiftly as possible while also calculating safety of citizens. Well, legend has it that Federal Signal’s Legend® lightbar has it all…figured…out. The Legend lightbar has all that is necessary in police emergency response operations, and a whole bunch more. Take a look!

The features involved in the creation of the Legend lightbar are synonymous with what legends are made of: showstopper material; bright future; effectiveness; pioneering; and utterly beneficial to society.

Legendary LED Output

federal signal legend

With a generous array of multi-patterned flashing sequences, no cop can be without his/her preferred flash patterns to suit whatever task is at-hand. Notwithstanding flash pattern choices, the LED brilliance provided by the Police Legend lightbar is captivating.

Speaking of captivating, the LED illumination factor is engineered and powered to be attention-grabbing when it comes to alerting the motoring public and/or pedestrians out and about on the streets. A span of 360-degree lighting underscores the capacity of the Legend to bath the environment in which it is traversing. Enhanced by Federal Signal’s Solaris® technology, LED output is amplified by reflector features ensuring brilliant off-axis lighting.

In red, blue, amber, white, and green, the composition of LED light color options compliments every agencies specifications and emergency operations policies.

Inclusive is the Federal Signal-engineered SignalMaster™ which is essential regarding directing traffic where you wish to distribute the flow. Mostly-gone are the days when a physical police presence stood outside the police cruiser and perilously “waved” cars around whatever site the cops were working. As only one of many elements engineered into the Police Legend lightbar, the SignalMaster was incorporated by Federal Signal creators to account for safety factors.

Conversely, a six-button wireless controller option is also a featured component of the Legend lightbar system, facilitating “secure communication between the lightbar and the controller.”

Compact Convenience

For those who squint with apprehension when it comes to Legend lightbar service and maintenance, Federal Signal has excellent video tutorials to walk you through the simple process of accessing the Legend components. As a compact design configuration and convenience to anyone working with the Legend, there is never a need to remove the lightbar from the police cruiser to which it is securely bolted. A mere stepstool gets you hovered and in-place to perform basic lightbar magic.

Transplanting the Police Legend lightbar from one cruiser to another is always optional, and can be completed just as simply. Given its low-profile design, the compact nature of the Federal Signal Legend lighting system is unlike emergency lightbar models of yesteryear which jutted atop the cruiser. So, put away your ladder and climb on-board with a far more convenient design.

Legend also has it that Major Police Supply technicians excite over the police fleets which motor through its installation facilities. Naturally, who wouldn’t want to equip police cruisers with the police lightbar technology created by Federal Signal? The Legend is clear, a bright idea, and all you need to cast your own police success stories.

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