Federal Signal’s Police Legend Safely Controls Traffic

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If the Patrol Division is “the backbone of every police department,” then the meat and potatoes of every law enforcement agency’s duties are dished out in traffic, traffic, traffic. There is just no escaping that fact: drivers are a staple ingredient and need (ahem) direction, reminders, and pointers. That is why Federal Signal Corporation astutely spec’d blueprints to incorporate what it calls a SignalMaster™ in its Police Legend lightbar.

Being Left to Our Own Devices

Often understood in a negative way, “being left to our own devices” can also be a positive thing. Take the Legend lightbar, for example, and how it is constructed and programmed to facilitate thousands of cars at the press of a button. No longer is there a need for a police officer to exit the police cruiser, place themselves in the unpredictable snarl of perilous traffic, wave arms until they fall off, and blow a whistle until eyeballs pop from their sockets.

federal signal legend

No, no, no…not when the Legend’s SignalMaster is on-board and up for the task. Let your finger do the walking…press the button…and let the SignalMaster traffic advisor direct vehicles where you wish them to go. Stay out of harm’s way if given the chance; SignalMaster affords that opportunity. Take advantage!

Cops and Cars Collide

According to the latest data (released Jan. 2017) pertaining to the 140 law enforcement officer fatalities in 2016, 53 were traffic-related. Of those killed in traffic incidents, 15 were outside their cruisers and mowed down by motor vehicles. Just like that, it was over for 15 noble, selfless, courageous cops who swore to protect and serve lives…even at the expense of their own.

But we can preclude such tragedy. Traffic-related incidents transpire quite fast. Given the velocity of motor vehicles, humans generally do not fare well versus a 2000-plus-pound projectile. It all defers to equipment, if at all possible; we must use lightbar instrumentation.

Although it is not a perfect world and police conditions can change in a nanosecond, we can seek to use resources—such as a Federal Signal Legend lightbar and its traffic advisor—so as to diminish the number of police officers struck while on roadways. (Safeguarding our own helps safeguard those to whom we swore an allegiance via oath.)

As its namesake implies, SignalMaster is a built-in feature in the Legend lightbar effectively directing traffic flow by amber (or amber flanked by red and blue) flashers. Need to divert cars around a crash scene, traffic stop, crime scene, or any other police-controlled events, simply activate the SignalMaster traffic adviser and let the Legend control the situation while keeping you away from direct danger.

Albeit a low-profile police lightbar, the Federal Signal Legend is fashioned with intensely-illuminated LED flashers, casting light in a 360-degree span so as to alert oncoming vehicles and pedestrians alike.

The folks at Major Police Supply are in the police equipment business because they care deeply for our nation’s entrenched warrior: cops. They evince that every day by marketing and installing public safety features so they can do their part to protect and serve police…and live up to that Legend.

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