Federal Signal’s ‘Integrity’ Lightbar: When Momentum Must be Maintained

Posted on January 10, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


Like every other law enforcement officer, getting to the scene as expeditiously as possible while ensuring the safety of the public is a paramount concern. But, when the open-road is yours to make-up time, no cop wants to be slowed by wind drag issues. Enter Federal Signal Corporation’s Integrity® police emergency lighting system. The Integrity lightbar is engineered with a low-profile, linear design to preclude drag and resistance when momentum is essential to arriving quickly. After all, lives often depend on you getting to the scene, you know…yesterday.

Optionally, police emergency service responses have only one setting: rapidly. Therefore, it makes a world of sense to equip police cruisers with well-thought-out features to enable and maintain momentum in the process of “running code.”

We learned from emergency light bar models of yesteryear that jutting external pieces create drag and resistance to wind velocity, thus slowing the police pace. Federal Signal Corporation’s engineering section has been busily blueprinting to ward-off such hindrances. In the Federal Signal Integrity lightbar design is an aerodynamically anchored piece of modern police equipment, resting low but with enough pass-through space to vortex wind generation; a huge benefit.


Federal Signal’s Integrity lighting system exhibits a linear low-profile design, including its anchor areas. Quite close to slick-top police cruisers whose emergency lights are all interior-based, the Integrity is a parallel design. Although sleek and slim in design may imply housing for light sources is minimized, nothing can be further than the truth. (That is where LED technology takes over and emits brilliance, despite Integrity’s low-profile, compact and sleek appearance.)

Complimenting the low-profile design are Integrity’s contoured edges and corners, effectively rounded so as to further offset the wind resistance and drag we’ve been discussing. In all, the Federal Signal Integrity emergency light system is crafted not only for its intended purpose—radiant LED light output—but also for handling ratios in terms of vehicle velocity and wind generation while mobile (especially “running hot”).

Equipment Factors

federal signal integrity lightbar

It comes as no surprise that some vehicles among any police fleet are weighed-down with specialized equipment. Cops whose expertly-trained minds and hands enable a unique brand of skill-sets are commonly assigned to elite units which are called-upon when those skills are required.

With that said, additional skill-specific equipment (bomb squad, dive team, SWAT, snipers) is necessitated when certain criminal or search/rescue events arise. Thus, these specialized cops carry excess stuff around in their police vehicles, factoring in weight-bearing loads which can be a drag. Motor Carrier Compliance cops (enforcing commercial transportation vehicle laws) are animatedly dragging in the tail area. Many of those have heavy scales stacked in the back, which are then rolled out and placed under truck tires to gauge cargo weight limits. (The cruisers shocks and springs are often strained objects.) In this context, you can realize the importance of a low-profile, lightweight, sleek, non-jutting lightbar like the Integrity, underscoring how imperative it is to travel as light as possible, without protrusions, and with aesthetic appeal to compliment vehicle performance.

As mentioned earlier, the days of large objects such as emergency light “domes” and bulky exterior sirens (which actually used wind to activate siren-sound while concurrently sacrificing high-speed performance) are long gone.

Your agency’s fuel consumption bill will diminish with Federal Signal Integrity lightbar’s aerodynamic low-profile.

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