Federal Signal Vision SLR Lightbar

  • ‘Plug-n-Play’ is Electronic Engineering Genius

    Posted on January 2, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


    If you have ever encountered an electronics business shop, your attention may have immediately gravitated to all the clunks of wires and multi-colored, twisted chords encompassing power sources. Further, if you tried to make sense of it all, you likely wound up on the receiving end of a few aspirins. Thanks to Federal Signal Vision SLR® lightbar, the monotony and guesswork are things of the past. The Vision SLR’s “Plug-n-Pla Continue Reading..

  • Multi-patterned, Fully-equipped, Rotational LED Lightbar Excellence

    Posted on January 2, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin

    With the Federal Signal Vision SLR® lightbar, running “Code” to a location and ensuring scene safety when you get there is a cinch with its well-engineered emergency lighting capacity. The Federal Signal Vision SLR is equipped with rotational LED lighting, the illumination of which is attention-grabbing when mobile or stationary, and is dually suitable for clearing i Continue Reading..

  • SignalMaster ‘Traffic Adviser’ Ensures Officer and Public Safety

    Posted on January 2, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


    There is no denying how unsafe it is for our nation’s police officers in performance of their duties. The potential for officer injury or death from traffic-related tragedies is real; namely, officers being struck while out of their cruisers, facilitating traffic on the highways and byways. With officer safety in mind, Federal Signal engineered its Continue Reading..

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