Federal Signal Navigator Lightbar

  • Navigating the Perfect Storm: Police Lightbar Performance

    Posted on January 10, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


    No police officer desires danger, yet it keeps coming in waves. It is the inherent nature of The Job. By deeply-rooted and oath-filled promise, cops navigate the perfect storm time after time, and police equipment to ensure safety and stellar performance is crucial. The folks at Federal Signal Corporation sympathize with your needs to fulfill challenging operational tasks! That is why it brings you the Police Navigator® lightbar Continue Reading..

  • Navigating Environmental and Logistical Factors in Law Enforcement

    Posted on January 10, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


    Even those who live under rocks know how perilous it is for cops to navigate jurisdictions while taking into account many logistical factors. It is pure common sense. That is when the Federal Signal Corporation Navigator® lightbar comes into play.

    Everyone knows police cruisers have emergency lightbars atop which facilitates getting from Point A to Point B while encompassing several logistical factors such as time of day, Continue Reading..

  • Federal Signal Navigator Lightbar: Carving the Course for Cops

    Posted on January 10, 2017 By Major Police Supply admin


    When the going gets tough and the tough get going to the next emergency call, cops must rely on cruiser equipment to aid in expedient yet safe responses. Navigating the way becomes easier when technology does its job so the police can effectively perform theirs. The Federal Signal Navigator® Lightbar does just that by carving out the course for cops to arrive swiftly and safely, while preserving safety of the public.

    The  Continue Reading..

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