Emergency Vehicle Sirens

  • Sirens are Important While Traveling to an Emergency

    Posted on March 3, 2016 By Major Police Supply admin

    When there is an emergency the responder has one thing on their mind and that is to make it to the location as fast as they can. However, traveling at such high rates of speed can open the door for an accident to happen. If an accident should occur this could delay the initial call for help being met. That is why it is important that any police vehicle have sirens installed to help notify other drivers on the road there is an emergency. This w Continue Reading..

  • Custom Police Vehicle Installation - Princeton PD

    Posted on December 14, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Who does the Princeton Police Department call when they've got three 2016 Dodge Chargers that need to be outfitted specially for their officers? The Major Police Supply custom police vehicle installation team.

    Last week in our Lakewood, New Jersey facility, our installation experts built three 2016 Dodge Chargers complete with several custom additions for the exceptional men and women of the Princeton Police Department.

    Each  Continue Reading..

  • Tips For Choosing Emergency Vehicle Sirens

    Posted on July 18, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    When considering emergency vehicle sirens, you may think you can choose something that you like or that your agency has always used in the past. However, you may want to think about safety, legality, and other considerations before making a decision. The benefits of sirens are well known to most police officers: they make others aware of your presence, warn them that you will be driving through, and alert them to the fact that something is wro Continue Reading..

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