Automatic License Plate Readers: Traversing Streets, Tracking Terrorists

Posted on December 29, 2016 By Major Police Supply admin


Undeniably, terroristic threats weigh heavy on the minds of Americans since 9/11. Conversely, police strategies to combat terrorists are bolstered by technological assistance! Employing Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) is one way for police officials to sever the terrorist tail from its head.

Police use of Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) is a steadfast, force-multiplier method to traverse streets and track known terrorists’ via license plate recognition. Homeland Security Watch Lists identify terrorists and their associated vehicles.

Other federal intelligence agencies also continually compile information pertaining to threats to national security and citizens. Terrorist Watch Lists are scrutinized daily and, among law enforcement entities, details learned from intelligence channels are added and shared among databases. It comes as no surprise to learn that, as terrorist-related threats are vetted, our democratic freedoms loom in the face of evil-doers hell-bent on murder, mayhem and destruction. ALPRs, then, are noted as a nifty tool to ferret out terrorists before they inflict calamity.

automatic license plate recognition

Using infrared technology, ALPRs are effective day or night. Compact and easily attached to the bodies of police cruisers, these mobile marvels are also portable so that they can be transplanted to allay any logistical issues. Take-home cars need not cause down-time; the ALPRs portability feature remedies car-to-car transplantation and sets up in scant minutes.

ALPRs can easily be staple ingredients among technology-based equipment facilitating intelligence-led policing.

Given the seeming potential of terrorist cells to plant roots in Anytown, USA —read Boston Marathon Bombings and the Tsarnaev brothers— it behooves law enforcement agencies to implement ALPRs so that patrol division officers can detect and eradicate these radicals…before irreversible malice and carnage ensue. It becomes, then, a paramount concern to thwart these terroristic malcontents.

Not having these technological advancements hinders efforts to serve justice.

License plate readers take snapshots of millions of vehicle registration records. As it relates to the potential of discovering a “vehicle of interest,” mission-critical interoperability (data-sharing among law enforcement agencies) is a crucial advantage which lends itself to the success of Automatic License Plate Recognition concepts.

One substantive example of police use of ALPRs is in the metropolis of Philadelphia where, according to Philadelphia police statistics, 106 terrorists were unearthed using license plate recognition devices. That is 106 contemptuous, radical, anti-American jihadists pre-empted from exacting destruction in a huge American city…thanks to the proactive, vanguard efforts of Philly police and ALPR technology! If even in the singular, one terrorist discovered by ALPR technology equates to unsuspecting lives saved from imminent catastrophe.

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