Aerodynamics Attributes

Posted on October 26, 2016 By Major Police Supply admin

Like a naval destroyer’s impressive sharp-nosed design creating wake, throwing the ocean’s water left and right, the Valor lightbar’s V-shaped configuration divides air-flow and disperses it in several ways: left, right, and through various Vortex Generators which vitally channel air to reduce drag and noise factors.

When it came to heeding the need to speed, Valor engineers drove the blueprint to the next level and produced a sleek police emergency lighting system. You are not Buzz Lightyear, and you are certainly not flying…but you are going in style, thanks to a Valor lightbar overhead.

Anyone in law enforcement knows how budgets are always bandied about in roll-call discussions or in car-to-car chats, consistently of paramount concern. Federal Signal considered this, too. Like cops are to victims, the Valor is a saving-grace feature;Valor’s aerodynamic appointmentsreduce fuel consumption and conserve energy, equating to the cruiser’s longevity.

Aesthetically, the Valor is a model whose design is as an engineering marvel and police efficiency champion. Surely, police executives are more than content with the existence of the Valor and its conservation-oriented engineering.

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