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  • Things to Consider when Searching for Police Sirens for Sale

    Posted on December 15, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Every police department requires sirens to be a part of the cruiser patrol car and other vehicles utilized for law enforcement. Though the placement or position of the sirens may vary, they all play an imperative part of enforcing the law. These sirens are a base requirement because of their assistance to the police in giving visual and audible alerts when approaching. They are also capable of responding to emergency calls at a high rate of sp Continue Reading..

  • High Quality Police Vehicle Equipment is Essential for Effective Operation

    Posted on December 15, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    The initial mention or thought of the police initially lead most people to think of the service and protection they offer in the community. This is of course the most visible part of police activity but there are many components required to make sure the service and protection is properly supported. Police vehicle equipment plays a major role in the capabilities of an officer to successfully provide the services required of la Continue Reading..

  • Custom Police Vehicle Installation - Princeton PD

    Posted on December 14, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Who does the Princeton Police Department call when they've got three 2016 Dodge Chargers that need to be outfitted specially for their officers? The Major Police Supply custom police vehicle installation team.

    Last week in our Lakewood, New Jersey facility, our installation experts built three 2016 Dodge Chargers complete with several custom additions for the exceptional men and women of the Princeton Police Department.

    Each  Continue Reading..

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