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  • Highly Trained Emergency Response Teams

    Posted on April 28, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Highly trained emergency response teams are top notch in the United States. They are trained to respond to the worst disasters. These teams have specialized equipment and training that can be called into action at any time. We are very fortunate to have highly trained emergency response teams, plus state and local agency emergency search and rescue teams.

    These dedicated men and women spend hours in training every year. They keep their Continue Reading..

  • From Horses to Hummers

    Posted on April 20, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin


    Law Enforcement has come a long way from the days of chasing after criminals on a horse armed with a gun and a rope, or the Firefighters and Emergency Responders using a horse drawn wagon to put out a fire. Today’s changing technology for Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders has created a need for Hummers and SUV’s that can be used in both remote rugged terrain and the urban jungle. Hummers, once thought to only be useful Continue Reading..

  • Amber Lights for Firefighters and Emergency Responders

    Posted on April 13, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin


    We know how important it is for firefighters and emergency responders to have excellent vehicle warning lights. Tow trucks and construction vehicles often need high visibility lighting as well. When responding to an emergency, while parked at an incident or alongside the roadway, having highly visible lights that demand people’s attention is crucial to emergency personnel safety. Every year firefighters, emergency responders an Continue Reading..

  • Advantages of Body Cameras

    Posted on April 2, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    We have been hearing in the news about the use of body cameras by police, fire fighters, emergency responders, law enforcement and government agencies the past few years. As the use of body camera technology continues to grow and the statistics start coming in, the evidence points to the many advantages to using body cameras versus relying on eye-witness accounts.

    Time after time the use of body cameras capture the events as they happen. Body cameras are being used more and more in courtrooms as evidence to assist in deciding legal cases. Body cameras are also providing invaluable information to large agencies on employee performance and are being used in training staff.  Continue reading

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