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  • Gun and Firearm Safety Using Gun Racks and Locks

    Posted on February 19, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Gun safety is a priority for hunters, law enforcement, police officers and other security personnel. Whether on duty or off duty, guns and other weapons need to be accessible to them while following strict safety practices. Keeping guns and other weapons safely out of the hands of children, criminals and others is always a consideration when choosing locks, racks and lockers. Continue reading

  • President’s Day - Leadership Quotes to Live By (Feb 16)

    Posted on February 12, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin


    President’s Day is a United States federal holiday and is celebrated on the third Monday in February. The President’s Day holiday was originally to honor President George Washington and was known as “Washington’s Birthday”; however, it was renamed in the late 1980s to celebrate both Presidents Washington and Lincoln. The day is now simply referred to as President’s Day. It is common to find banks and government offices closed on the President’s Day holiday; however, most retail stores are open on the day, and many have special sales which happen on that day each year. Continue reading

  • Lighter Side of Police Dash Cameras

    Posted on February 9, 2015 By Major Police Supply admin

    Have you ever wondered what police dash cameras would capture if they were turned toward the interior of the vehicle instead of toward the windshield? We found out about the lighter side of police officers when we watched this in-car video of a Dover Police Officer lip-synching to the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off”.

    There are times when we just need to have some fun and let go of all the negativity and stress in life. So much of a Continue Reading..

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